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It is very true. Good health is one of the boons and blessings of God. An unhealthy person is a burden on society and the country. Wealth is of no value if there is no health. If health is once lost, it is not easy to regain it To keep ourselves healthy, we must follow certain rules. First of all, we must keep ourselves and our surroundings neat and clean. We must also eat a balanced diet. Exercise is also necessary to keep ourselves fit. So, we must take exercise in fresh air daily. We should also take care of our eyes and teeth. We must not read in dim light.

We must brush our teeth. regularly. We must not eat stale things. We should .never eat such sweets and food which aren’t properly covered. If we follow these pules, we will be able to keep ourselves healthy. It is also a famous saying that ‘After lunch rest a short time and after dinner walk a mile’. Walking is the best exercise to keep ourselves fit and healthy. There is another popular proverb, ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise’.

A healthy person. can enjoy the beauty of nature. So we must try to maintain good health. ‘Sound mind in a sound body’ means when our body is diseased our mind is also affected by it. Most people are not aware of the need for a balanced diet. It is a universal experience that the people, who eat a simple and balanced diet; lead a healthy life.

Nowadays people cannot resist going to fast-food restaurants and food streets, where the food has less nutrient value from the point of view of the calories. They do not even know that cholesterol, spices, and overeating can lead to fatal diseases.

The world is now drowned in this bad habit. Excess of anything is bad. Now the life-rate of individuals is decreasing due to a lazy and inactive lifestyle and an unbalanced diet. We have to check our diet and make sure that our eating habits are healthy.

It is rightly said by an American philosopher and poet Mr. R.W. Emerson that:-
`The First Wealth Is Health’

Health is Wealth

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