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Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan both in area and population. Once, it was the capital of Pakistan but now it is the capital of Sindh_ At present, its population is more than one crore.
( People from different countries live here. So it has become an international city. As a result, Karachi has become in fact a city of problems. And these problems are increasing day by day.) ( Transport problem is one of the most serious problems of this city.)It needs the immediate attention of the authorities concerned.

Buses are the main means of transport in this city. But they are not in a position to meet the need of the people. Most of the buses are not in good condition. The bus fare has also become beyond the means of people. The buses are generally over-loaded. The behavior of bus-conductors and drivers is also very rude.

(Karachi city is also faced with traffic problems. A large number of vehicles run on the roads, of the city. Generally, our people do not observe the traffic rules. Careless driving, overtaking, and driving on the wrong side are very common in this city. As a result, road accidents are very common in Karachi.

The irresponsible traffic police are also responsible for this)
Then, there is the education-problem. There are two types of schools here; govt schools and private schools. Govt schools charge a nominal fee but they are mostly Urdu medium. schools and their standard is very low. Almost all the private schools are English medium and they charge very high fees.

But their services are also unsatisfactory. On the-whole, education has become very costly in our city. There are also water and electricity and housing problems. These problems still remain unsolved. Karachites are facing difficulties and hardships. But there is no hope that these problems will be solved in the near future) These hardships. are, in fact, taxes that every Karachite is compelled to pay.

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the problems of karachi city