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Blessing of Science

Science is organized knowledge based on observation of facts and discovering general laws governing the facts. The discoveries of the scientists have helped people to develop an attitude of open-mindedness. One of the glaring symbols of the march of science is that the Machine.

The present age is the age of machines. They are- all around us at our beck and call. The inventions of the radio, television, airplanes, speeding cars, and flying coaches are all for the advantage of man. Mechanization is the order of the day. Electricity has rendered yeoman service to man.

He has passed it into service from all walks of life. The darkness of our homes and streets has been dispelled. Electrical appliances are used for dishwashing,floor-sweeping, and ironing the clothes. Room heaters are used for keeping the rooms warm in extreme cold, air conditioners for cooling in the scorching heat, and refrigerators for keeping edibles fresh. In short, it’s proved to be a faithful domestic servant.

People are indebted to the marvels of science for demolishing barriers of distance. It is nothing short of a miracle to bring people of different continents to close together. The world has become a global village. Faster means of transport and communication like buses, railways,aero-planes, and steamships have rendered man mastery over land, sea, and air. Radio, televisions, wireless, computer, internet, and mobile cell are wonders of recent science. They are at our service for entertainment and knowledge. They keep us well-informed about world affairs. They play an important role in disseminating knowledge.

Cinema provides us healthy recreation. The crowning triumphs of science are in the domain of health service. Terrible and chronic diseases. have been overcome by scientific advancements in medicines and surgery has eliminated premature deaths and has helped to prolong life. In short, science has brought about marvelous changes in the various facials of human life.

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Blessing of Science

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